About HONOR Mornings™

HONOR Mornings™ is a premier, wellness brand connecting science to spirit. Made with love and nutritionist backed, it’s goddess alchemy!

HONOR Mornings™ was born of the idea that each meal should serve as an act of self-love. Founder Kitiya Skye, a former overworked, stressed out, and anxious NYC Ad Exec believes HONORING your body is the first step in loving yourself. Once the foundation is laid, the rest will follow.

HONOR Mornings™ is a 100% organic, vegan, sweetener free, and GMO free powdered smoothie blend comprised of the ideal combination of plant protein, supergreens, spirulina and adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs to nourish the body, mind, and soul. It’s made of the highest quality vegan protein powder, mucuna, reishi, maca, spirulina, and other supergreens to help you glow from within and feel amazing. It’s Smoothies with Superpowers!

About our Founder, Kitiya Skye

Kitiya Skye is a California-based actress and wellness enthusiast. You know that girl who was obsessed with almond milk back in the 90’s way before it was mainstream? Yup, that’s her!

Kitiya created HONOR Mornings™ as a way to share her ongoing discoveries about health, wellness, and self-love with the world.

The messaging behind Honor Mornings™ is HONORing yourself and being your most authentic self; mind, body and soul was inspired by her own personal growth and wellness journey from insecurity to self love. 

Kitiya was born in Eastern Europe and worked in New York City for 6 years as an Advertising Executive for luxury beauty accounts at the most awarded advertising agency in the world. After realizing she felt depleted and unhappy, she made a complete 180º and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her love of wellness and art. “Life's too short to do something you don't love!”

HONOR Mornings™ represents her desire to give back and serve the world with healthy and loving foods, as well as share her ongoing discoveries about health, wellness, and wellbeing. This is now her path to living in alignment with her highest truth and life purpose! Enjoy and watch your life transform!

HONOR Mornings™ Represents:

   Loving Yourself   
   Taking care of your body, mind, & soul   
   Listening to your body   
   Following your intuition   
   Stepping into your power   
   HONORing yourself   

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