About HONOR Mornings™

My name is Kitiya Skye. I’m a California-based actress, heath nut, and founder of HONOR Mornings™! You know that girl who was obsessed with smoothies way before they went mainstream? Yeah, that's me! Hi!

I created HONOR Mornings™ as a way to share my ongoing discoveries about health, wellness, and wellbeing with the world. Thanks so much for visiting!

But let’s journey through time for a minute... before I was an actress in LA, I was a New York City Advertising Executive. My nights consisted of dining out, gallons of champagne and greasy pad thai to soak it up the next day. I did this night after night for years! Hey, it was fun while it lasted, but I could feel the toll it was taking on my body; I consistently felt sluggish, grumpy, out of shape and weak. Most importantly, I realized I wasn’t HONORING myself. I wasn’t giving my body what it needed and deserved: organic, nutrient-dense foods.

It wasn’t long before I started experimenting with fruits, vegetables and health powders to bring myself back to life. After years of trial and error I found what I believe to be the most effective combination of nature’s medicine. I already played guinea pig to the (much) less desirable combinations of ingredients so you don’t have to. (Side note: I don't recommend using cactus in your smoothies!)

HONOR Mornings consists of complete vegan protein powder to feed your muscles and keep you feeling full longer, mucuna to give you that spark in your step, a mix of supergreens and spirulina to energize your entire system, reishi mushroom to reduce stress, and maca root to get that libido rolling baby! Only the highest grade ingredients are used in HONOR Mornings — and they are exactly the same ones that I have in my breakfast smoothie every. single. morning.

Today my body, mind and soul are grateful for making the choice to HONOR them everyday. The result? I feel like the glowy shine ball that I am! And the best part of HONOR Mornings packets is that I can take them with me whenever I travel. So even when I go back to visit NYC, you bet I still hit up all my favorite spots. But now since I HONOR myself every day, I find myself making better decisions than I used to, even while having just as much (if not more) fun! That's the HONOR glow. Start your HONOR Mornings ritual and you'll see.

HONOR Mornings™ Represents:

  Loving yourself  
  Caring for mind, body & soul  
  Listening to your body  
  Following your intuition  
  Stepping into your power  
  HONORing yourself  

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